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Digital, Mobile & Connected

We redefine how healthcare providers work, collaborate on medical records and connect
with their patients. Quickly access, anytime and anywhere laboratory results, medical images, visits records
and prescription history, initiate audio-video appointments or get a second opinion.

Secure on-line platform for doctor-patient interaction.

Status Healthcare Hub provides a secure on-line environment for doctor-patient communications and enables
healthcare providers to access a professional system to interact with patients,
promote health professionals and attract more customers by providing specialized and modern software services that will transform transient patients into loyal clients.

More than just an appointment solution - Full
patient experience

Status is built to bring patient-health care provider interaction to the next level. Now physicians and patients have instant access to unified medical records and their history, they can store and organize data from various sources, including mobile phones, and can work more effectively to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the medical act.

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"With Status, my doctor already has my history before I go into the office. Now we spend more time talking about the subject visit."

Razvan Apostol


"Before we wait ten minutes for a doctor appointment. I see the timing of the chosen doctor right away and make the appointment in 2 minutes. Much more efficient. "

Irina Manda


"With STATUS I have access anytime and anywhere to my complete medical file and can safely give it to any specialist. Very useful in those moments where only medical documents do not think. "

Ioana Pop

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12 locations / 170 enrolled doctors


20 specialties / 150 enrolled doctors

Imagistic clinic

5 locations / 30 specialist doctors

Private Healthcare Network

64 locations / 250 partner clinics

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Get in touch via text and video calls with specialized medical staff for fast medical service.